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 HB 2573 ABATE of Florida - Safety and Education by Representative McClain

Each year when you register your motorcycle, you pay a mandatory fee of $2.50 that goes into a “Trust Fund” to be used specifically for
motorcycle safety awareness programs.

These fees go into the Highway Safety Operating Trust Fund (Florida statute 320.08) to be implemented for motorcycle safety awareness programs (Florida Statute 322.025).

 This year HB 2573 is requesting ABATE of Florida be allocated $300,000 out of the estimated $2.5 million from the fees generated That's only 12% out of fees generated.   In the past when ABATE of Florida, Inc. did receive the money, Motorcyclists deaths did decline.

We are very effective at educating about motorcycle safety to ALL Floridians.

Listed below are the members of the Infrastructure &Tourism Appropriations Subcommittee. This is the first committee that our HB 2573 will have to go through. In the past Doc has spoken in front of them and had good responses from the members and the bill was passed thru to the next committee.

We need everyone to send a short email to each member asking for their support of HB 2573 when it is heard in the Infrastructure & Tourism Appropriations Subcommittee. You can also call their office and leave a brief message asking for support of HB 2573

Rep. Jayer Williamson – Chair         jayer.williamson@myfloridahouse.gov        1-850-717-5003
Rep. Jenna Persons-Mulicka – Vice Chair      jenna.personsmulicka@myfloridahouse.gov       1-850-717-5078
Rep. Dianne Hart – Ranking Democrat        dianne.hart@myfloridahouse.gov       1-850-717-5061
Rep. Kristen Arrington       kristen.arrington@myfloridahouse.gov     1-850-717-5043
Rep. Melony Bell        melony.bell@myfloridahouse.gov     1-850-717-5056
Rep. Linda Chaney        linda.chaney@myfloridahouse.gov     1-850-717-5069
Rep. Dan Daley        dan.daley@myfloridahouse.gov 1-850-717-5097
Rep. Joe Harding        joe.harding@myfloridahouse.gov    1-850-717-5093
Rep. Chip LaMarca     chip.lamarca@myfloridahouse.gov    1-850-717-5093
Rep. Fiona McFarland     fiona.mcfarland@myfloridahouse.gov    1-850-717-5072
Rep. James Mooney        james.mooney@myfloridahouse.gov    1-850-717-5120
Rep. Rene Plasencia        rene.plasencia@myfloridahouse.gov    1-850-717-5050
Rep. Bob Rommel       bob.rommel@myfloridahouse.gov    1-850-717-5106
Rep. David Silvers        david.silvers@myfloridahouse.gov    1-850-717-5087
Rep. Emily Slosberg      emily.slosberg@myfloridahouse.gov    1-850-717-5091

Here is a brief example of what you can say in either the email or the phone call. If you are nervous about calling, I suggest that you call after hours and leave the message on their voicemail. Much easier that way.

Hello Rep. ________

My name is _______ with ABATE of Florida, Inc. _______ Chapter. I would like to ask for your support of HB 2573 ABATE of Florida Safety and Education by Rep. McClain. It is scheduled to be heard in your Infrastructure & Tourism Appropriations Subcommittee this session.

Each year when motorcycle owners register their motorcycle, we pay an additional fee of $2.50 that goes into Highway safety Operating Trust Fund (statute 320.08). ABATE of Florida, Inc. is asking for $300,000 out of the roughly $2.5 million raised by the fees that ONLY motorcyclists pay.

ABATE of Florida, Inc. uses 100% of the money for statewide motorcycle safety awareness programs and material to increase the awareness of motorcycles to the general public. In the past each time we received the money, motorcyclists' deaths have declined.

Please help us save lives and support HB 2573.

Thank you


 HB 743 ABATE of Florida - Violations Against Vulnerable Road Users Representative McClain

 Violations Against Vulnerable Road Users: Provides criminal penalties for person who commits moving violation that causes serious bodily injury to, or causes death of, vulnerable road user; requires person to pay specified fine, serve minimum period of house arrest, & attend driver improvement course; requires court to revoke person's driver license for minimum specified
period; defines "vulnerable road user"; provides that act does not prohibit person from being charged with, convicted of, or punished for other violation of law.

 Who is better at effectively teaching Motorcycle Safety Awareness, a motorcyclist that actually rides or a person who sits behind a desk and likely has never ridden a motorcycle?

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